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Do you love writing and looking for ways to help people? You have a few hours a week, You love writing about social challenges?

We seek self-motivated volunteers, who are looking forward to solving social problems including but not limited to blood donation, health awareness, and general issues that can help and impact masses in some ways.

If this excites you, this is the right opportunity for you,

About You

  • Online writing is what you do best
  • Writing is your pleasure
  • Have a few hours a week
  • Can chat with us and timely reply
  • You are curious to solve social challenges

Things you might do

You are free to volunteer as much as you like and as little there is no minimum number of hours required, but we expect at least an hour of involvement per week

  • Write a strong article that has some meaningful way to help others
    • The topics may include but not limited to –  common health problems and their solution, daily struggle of an individual, problems in society, innovating ways to help others, events which are promoting well being and wellness etc.
  • Write content for the different parts of the website
  • Collaborate with others to help them finish their article or  guide them in some meaningful way
  • Respond to comments on your blog
  • Promote editorial content on social media
  • Mentor fellow editorial volunteer members

How to apply

Simple just fill out the form below, wait for us to reply. We reply to everyone.


VowForRed provides an equal opportunity to all. We’re excited to work with talented and empathetic people no matter their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, or age. and we celebrate our differences because those differences are what allow us to make a product that serves a global user base.